Twelve 5 Designs is a Design and Marketing Company based out of Pittsburgh PA. We are an energetic group of programmers, marketing majors, and artists joined together over the ether to give a superb product quickly and reliably.
We create for a variety of customers from individuals with personal sites to E-Commerce sites with full merchant capabilities. We bring your business another storefront with which to conduct business.

The Three Classes of Sites


Personal Sites are the simplest pages. They can range from a simple resume hosted online to blogs and a site that brands the client with comprehensive web apps. Personal sites bring out the client’s personality and uniqueness to a new and hungry audience. Personal Packages start at 150$


Commercial Sites build the brand, increase storefronts and create multiple paths of cash-flow benefiting for-profit companies and businesses. Pages are custom-built to better display the vision the company wishes it’s customers to see. Commercial Sites usually integrate some e-commerce application in order to implement a storefront. They can also include event calendars, blogs and membership only commercial websites that sell content online.


Non-Commercial Sites are the face for Non-Profit Companies and Organizations. These sites can include event calendars, blogs, membership only, and pay for play sites.


CCR Solutions Group

CCR Solutions Group

CCR Solutions Group is a Credit Services Company that restores and educates its clients on the process and good practices of having an above average credit score..

Buzzwords for the Uninitiated Part 1

Buzzwords for the Uninitiated Part 1

So you decided to start a website for an online storefront?  Great Idea!  Many people/companies have experienced great success tapping into the online market.  Before you take that giant leap, there are some basic questions you need to ask yourself.  Why do I want to create this website?  What do I want to accomplish with this […]